Club conditions under covid 19

Covid 19 Plan for running club
Below is a list of measures the club have implemented to our club nights to ensure we are as safe as we possibly can be. This will be reviewed on a regular basis based on government guidelines 
Club to open on Tuesdays only. This allows extra time between handling of club items reducing chance of cv19 living on club items 
Pre booking and cashless payment system. We have an online system to allow members to book tables in advance this will provide us with the 21-day traceability that is required also means we are not handling any cash on a club night 
Face masks to be worn at all times whilst club is open 
Only 1 committee member allowed in storage area at any time and club members must wear gloves when handling club items 
Covid declaration and temperature check to be completed and taken before entry with any failure not been allowed access to centre and club 
Hand sanitiser on each game table.
No food or drink to be sold by club (including take away order) this is to ensure face mask policy is maintained 
Kitchen in centre is out of use and we recommend you bring your own refreshments 
Only one person to use the toilet at any one time, hands washed, and towels disposed of in bins provided.
Keep personal belonging to your gaming area only 
Do not touch other people’s models dice books etc. 
Any rubbish must be taken home with you (empty pop cans etc.)
Maintain a safe distance wherever possible  
Durham raiders committee